• 2mL Amber HPLC Vial

    2mL Amber HPLC Vial

    HPLC vials are a critical component of high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and are used to store and analyze samples. HPLC vials come in different sizes and colors to meet different needs and applications. One popular size is the 9mm vial, which is well suited for most HPLC applications...
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  • Crimper and De-crimper

    Crimper and De-crimper

    Introducing the 20mm and 13mm crimper and de-crimper, a versatile and durable tool designed for laboratory use. The crimper and de-crimper are made of high-quality stainless steel, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear and tear. This makes it an ideal choice for those in the laboratory who ne...
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  • 2ml Silanized glass sample bottle

    2ml Silanized glass sample bottle

    Save time and keep waste costs low when performing quantitative analyses or storing materials. Our silane glass sample bottles were treated by vapor deposition silane method. Surface passivation treatments such as silanization and silicification are essential to maintain the integrity of certain ...
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  • The origin of chromatography

    chromatography, also known as "chromatographic analysis", "chromatography", is a separation and analysis method, which has a very wide range of applications in analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry and other fields. The founder of chromatography is a Russ...
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  • Principles and Methods of Quantitative Analysis by Liquid Chromatography

    Principles and Methods of Quantitative Analysis by Liquid Chromatography   The separation mechanism of liquid chromatography is based on the difference in the affinity of the components in the mixture for the two phases. According to the different stationary phases, liquid chromatography is ...
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  • Different HPLC Sampling Vial Test

    Different HPLC Sampling Vial Test Is things better if pay more price? What’s the difference of HPLC vials from different brands As a professional mass spectrometry testing company, the choice of experimental consumables has always been based on data. In the blank experiment, there will always be ...
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  • Study on adsorption of a weakly basic compound to glass vials

    Study on adsorption of a weakly basic compound to glass vials

    Author / 1,2 Hu Rong 1 Hol drum Drum Song Xuezhi before the 1 tour Jinsong 1 – The new 1, 2 【Abstract】Borosilicate glass is a widely used packaging material and solution container in the pharmaceutical industry. Although it has the characteristics of high resistance, such as smooth, corro...
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  • New Developed 20mm aluminum caps for USA and Germany high classic clients

    new developed best GC caps with septa, compare to other China manufaturers. which are: —cleanner , —stronger, —tighter. 20mm Crimp Aluminum cap has a better sealing effect, relative to screw cap, in the high-temperature test environment is more resistant to high temperature, ca...
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  • Cleanliness of the HPLC septa gasket

    Cleanliness of the HPLC septa gasket: In the China domestic market, during production of gaskets septa, materials used and the production environment is very messy, and HAMAI very strict control of the raw materials and the cleanli...
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  • Sample vials selection guide — Drug analysis skill

    Abstract: Although the sample vials is small, vast knowledge are required to use it rightly. When there are problems with our experimental results, we always think of the sample vials last, but it is the first ste...
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  • Six methods to clean HPLC sample vials

    Please make your own choice based on the situation of your own laboratory. It is important to find an effective way to clean the sample vials At present, there are a large number of agricultural products samples (other chemical products, organic acids, etc.) that need to...
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  • The difference between sandblasting and frosting of glass bottles and glass coloring

    Introduction: In the field of daily chemicals, glass containers have the characteristics of high transparency and good feel, and the sandblasting process and frosting process make the glass bottles have a hazy feeling and non-slip characteristics, which are popular with ...
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